Research interests

I’m presently a graduate student in Electrical Engineering at Stanford University. My interests are in the areas of signal and image processing, computational photography, imaging, and computer vision. I enjoy projects at the intersection of hardware, software, and theory, where the math produces a beautiful and tangible result.

I’m currently working with Mark Horowitz on the Camera 2.0 project, helping design and build the “Frankencamera F4”. Our goal is to build a powerful and standard platform for computational photography research, building on the existing FCam API.

Work experience

I worked at NVIDIA Research during the summers of 2012 and 2013. I augmented FCam with a new device class for inertial sensors (gyroscopes and accelerometers) and used this to explore real-time rolling shutter correction on Android devices. Building on this work, I developed a new algorithm for video stabilization using the motion information from a gyroscope.

I spent parts of three summers at BAE Systems, Inc. I was involved in a variety of projects, including building an IMU-assisted image registration system, developing a test application for submarine sonar units, configuring and testing USRP software radios, and building a MATLAB distributed computing cluster.

Contact me directly if you would like a copy of my resume.